Sunday, February 5, 2012

Broan 690 60 CFM Bathroom Fan Upgrade Kit

!±8± Broan 690 60 CFM Bathroom Fan Upgrade Kit

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Broan 690 Bath Fan Upgrade Kit Upgrading Bath Fan Performance is Easy with Our All-In-One Kit. No Rewiring. No New Duct Work. No Hassles. All in Just 10 Minutes! New Motor (60 Cfm and 3.0 Sones) Reduces Sound Up To 50%, Improves Air Movement Up To 20% and Helps Control Humidity That Causes Mold and Mildew. New Grille: Upgrade Your Bathroom'S Look with a Modern White Grille. Wrench: No Special Tools Are Required. The Kit Has Everything You Need Including New Components, a Wrench, Fasteners, and Complete Step-By-Step Instructions. Two Motor Plates Included To Fit Most Economy Fans.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Air King BFQ 90 High Performance Bath Fan, 90-CFM

!±8±Air King BFQ 90 High Performance Bath Fan, 90-CFM

Brand : Air King
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Price : $33.25
Post Date : Jan 17, 2012 16:45:18
Usually ships in 24 hours

Air King BFQ90 High Performance Exhaust FansThe High Performance Exhaust Fan Series Features an Unique Snap-In Installation System. The Included Bracket Nails or Screws to the Ceiling Joist Allowing the Fan Housing to "Snap-In". Connect the Wiring and the Ducting, Install the Easy Fitting Grill and You are Done. A Bath Fan Installation can Now be Done in Minutes. The Durable High Impact Plastic Housing Ensures Quiet Operation and Maximum Performance. High Performance, Attractive Stylized Grill and Quick Installation Make the High Performance Exhaust Fan Series Right for the Job. UL Listed for Installation over a Tub or Shower on a GFCI Circuit HVI2100 Certified Motors Suitable for Continuous Operation Easily Installs Using the Included Snap-In Mounting System and are Available in Contractor Packs (4 Housings and 4 mbgs) Wire Nuts and Romex Connector are Included CFM (Air Movement): 90 Sones (Sound): 2.5 Exhaust Capacity: 80 - 110 sq. ft. Duct Size: 4" Amps: 0.45

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Advantages of Using Bathroom Fan Lights

!±8± Advantages of Using Bathroom Fan Lights

These bathroom fan lights accomplish two leading functions primarily:

1. They act as exhaust fans; wherein they take away the extra moisture gift in the bathroom; that otherwise makes a man feel uncomfortable.

2. Secondly, they act as a high wall mounted light or a ceiling mounted light based on the way the gadgets are fitted inside the bathroom.

In any of the ways, if the models are prime carefully, you will assuredly have a bathroom of your dreams where you can refresh yourself.

Some of the advantages of installing bathroom light fans are:

• Removal of Humidity-a bathroom is a place that is generally wet. It will become unusable if a lot of moisture or water vapor collects inside. You must have experienced a day in the bathroom when the bathroom mirror almost reflected nothing. This is due to the heater vapor, which gathered on it. Moisture in the bathroom also makes it hot. Therefore, if you live in a place that will become hot at the time of summer season, you will never like the experience. In such a case, the bathroom fan lights are the best selection to remove the excess moisture as well as humidity.

• Air ventilation- these lights play a role like that of an exhaust fan. The misty and potentially smelly air that collects inside the bathroom makes it difficult for a man to stand at the place. This can be removed thoroughly by using ventilation in the bathroom. It would give good effects similar to that of an exhaust fan.

• Bathroom lighting- the most significant utility of this gismo is contribution lights inside the bathroom. You can select transparent lighting glasses that will give you the best illumination in the bathroom. This light can be located on the ceiling or mounted on the bathroom wall based on bathroom settings. Ensure that the bathroom is illuminated well with allowable light settings. You can even use a distinct light for the bathroom mirrors; any way the other part of the bathroom should be covered by it.

• Improvement in decor-as you are replacing 2 things by 1 to save space, the whole appearance of the bathroom will become popular ,favorite and elegant with a fantastic bathroom light fan. There are a variety of beautiful fan lights ready in the store at affordable rates, and so you do not need to compromise.

• Space saving- a bathroom fan light is a machine that serve two-in-one functionality. Hence, there is no need to spend space for the exhaust fan and bathroom lights differently.

A good-looking bathroom will motion every person and it will assuredly improve your bathroom experience.

Advantages of Using Bathroom Fan Lights

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